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Now is the time to stop feeling embarrassed about your metal fillings or damaged teeth

White Fillings from Smile Matters

  • You can stop trying to hide your noticeable silver fillings
  • You will smile more and feel better about your appearance as soon as you see your new natural looking white fillings
  • They look great - and are virtually indistinguishable as they are shade matched to the surrounding tooth.
  • They are strong, won't fracture, or stress the natural tooth enamel and won't discolour.
  • Most importantly, they remove the use of dangerous metals that are proven hazardous to human health and the environment. Mercury was banned from use in solder and electronic assemblies many years ago, yet we still permit use in amalgam for fillings! Amalgam leaks mercury vapour until set and if disturbed.

You will feel free to smile and laugh more!

Do you spend your time worrying about your smile because of your silver or dark fillings?

You do not have to feel like this anymore - there is a simple, affordable solution for YOU!

Composite materials technology means resins that are shade matched to your natural tooth, that will not discolour and will not fracture or crack. It is a super tough, tooth coloured material that lets you bite and chew with confidence.

It will also protect the remaining structure of your tooth by binding it together rather than the old style amalgam metal fillings that were far stronger than the surrounding tooth and didn't as effectively bond with the enamel.

They may also be a good choice for people who are afraid of dental work, since composite can be bonded in place, which means less drilling. (??)

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