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Orthodontic treatment at Smile Matters

  • We offer in-house clear brace treatments.
  • Our systems are highly effective at improving appearance.
  • Straighter teeth aid in biting, chewing and hygiene
  • Aligned uncrowded teeth look great
  • Feeling self conscious about crooked and unevenly spaced teeth - Smile Matters can straighten that out for YOU


Orthodontics can change your life!

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth. Mis-aligned, crooked, and uneven teeth can cause issues with our biting function, speech and oral health. Our clear brace systems (sometime referred to as invisible braces) are designed to correct these issues in most cases and restore health, functionality and a beautiful aesthetic smile.

As in the USA, the UK is becoming much better to using cosmetic alignment systems to produce beautiful attractive smiles. Our C-Thru and In-line systems offer the simplest approach to achieving front teeth alignment without altering the bite function.

The difference can be dramatic - on self confidence, on oral health and in how other people think about you! A combination approach of whitening and alignment can result in a stunning new smile .

Our orthodontic treatments last between 4 - 12 months on average and involve a visit to us every 3-5 weeks after the initial consultation.

Why not pop in for a consultation? It will only take 20 minutes, 30 minutes in case you wish to see predictor models. Aftedr the initial consulatation, should you wish to go ahead, we can have laboratory generated diagrams showing you how the treated teeth will look. If you really want to see it, we can also get a real plastic model of your teeth as they will be after the treatment completes. So, if you find it difficult to see from diagrams, perhaps seeing a real model of your refined alignment will help settle your doubts.

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