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The most important first step you can take is book a dental health up

With regular routine dental examinations from SmileMatters in Muswell Hill:

  • You get expert help from our highly skilled dentists to identify dental problems as soon as possible; and
  • Our respectful dentist really listen to your concerns and we will give you an accurate and ethical personal treatment plan; and
  • We will give you fair and open advice about which treatments are essential, which could improve your oral health and which are desirable to improve appearance.
  • We aim to achieve a healthy state as soon as possible so that you can be confident and happy about your oral well-being;
  • You can bring all the family for check-ups we can manage one year olds to 100 year olds!

We will give you peace of mind with a thorough dental examination that looks at your teeth, your gums, all the other soft and hard tissues, checks for lesions and your overall oral condition. We take x-rays only if deemed necessary.

At Smile Matters we are pleased to offer first class dental care for the whole family.  Good oral health is increasingly seen as vital to achieve good general health and to reduce the risk of serious cardiac and diabetic issues. Of course, good oral health gives everyone confidence in themselves, their appearance and in others who have nice teeth and a nice smile, but mostly it makes eating and drinking a real pleasure without anxiety about sensitivity or pain.

By far the best form of dental care is that of prevention, and our team of highly skilled and friendly dentists, hygienists, nurses and receptionists is here to help you with this.  Regular dental examinations along with our hygiene sessions will help prevent problems such as caries and gum disease.

In addition to general oral health care, we also offer our patients the opportunity to further improve the appearance of their smile, with procedures such as teeth whitening, stain removal and teeth straightening and aligning using modern clear braces technology.

Dental examinations range from £19.70 to £50, which is very competitive and, in comparison to a hair appointment, excellent value for money! So call SmileMatters on 02088831356 and make the first appointment towards a beaming smile!

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