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Get your Smile Back With comfortable Dentures

  • Within weeks you could feel as though you have got your beautiful smile back!
  • You won’t have to avoid laughing or smiling because of embarrassment about missing teeth.
  • Dentures can also give you a boost and enhance your looks by giving more definition to your cheeks and lips
  • Dentures can be a very affordable way to replace missing teeth and dentures can be implant retained for a premium hassle free solution.
  • Dentures are easy to maintain.
  • Dentures are more secure to wear than you might have thought!
  • There are a range of materials which can be used to make dentures slimmer and stronger, less obtrusive in the mouth.


Dentures can change your life for the better

Many of our denture patients tell us how comfortable dentures are and easy to look after. There is no need to bear with uncomfortable or ill fitting or loose dentures. Indeed, sores and pressure points could lead to further complications as well as making eating a chore rather than a pleasure.

We are very experienced at making simple partial dentures to full upper and lower dentures; we carry out denture adjustments ('eases')  for patients without charge; we can add teeth to dentures, reline old dentures that no longer sit quite so well, repair broken dentures, make a spare set,  and even replace existing acrylic dentures with ones made from a very lightweight and thin metal frame, or flexible thin plastic, that can be more securely retained. We can design implant retained dentures so that the fear of dentures falling out is completely removed.

If you are fed up of feeling self conscious over missing teeth, or have dentures that are uncomfortable, come and have a chat with us. We can assess the state of your gums, and current dentures, and give sound advice about the options available.

What might happen if you have dentures for the first time?

First of all, 'dentures' refer to devices that replace missing teeth. People who are young often have a pre-conceived idea of dentures as something that only old people have and so often reject what is, in fact, an affordable well tried and tested means of replacing missing teeth. Modern dentures are beautifully made, secure, comfortable, barely visible and easy to look after. As with any new prosthesis, there is a period of getting used to the way they work.

Most people will immediately feel as if something big is in the mouth - this is because you have gotten used to not having anything there. This feeling will fade away within 2 - 3 days. It is most important to bear with this phase - you will have forgotten how it used to be to have teeth in that space and so the tongue and the cheeks will feel the new denture as something odd.

Eating - Eating will take a little practice, depending on the size of the denture. Start with soft foods and chew mindfully to get a sense of how the dentures behave. For full dentures, chew using both sides of the mouth to prevent the dentures from tipping. Once you become accustomed to chewing these easier items, start to include other foods so that you slowly return to your normal diet.

Increased saliva flow - You may experience increased salivary flow when the dentures are first inserted. This is a natural response which will settle down.

Speech - New dentures, especially first time dentures after a period of missing teeth, may alter your speech initially. Pronouncing certain words may again require practice. Reading out loud and repeating troublesome words will speed up the adaption process.  This problem rarely persists beyond a week or two and we can help you with the specific sounds that you might want to practice.

Sore Spots - these will develop as the gums get used to the pressure from the denture. There is often a period of upto a month of denture 'eases' to get the denture to sit right and we will always see you free of charge to do this. Very rarely, the gums react in a way that is more painful - stop wearing the denture and come in for us to check as soon as possible.

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